What is the condition of your car or trucks wheel alignment?  Is your vehicle easy to control with good feel of the road, or is driving your SUV similar to steering a tractor?  Let our wheel alignment service mechanics inspect your vehicles wheel alignment.  Misaligned wheels will quickly wear out your tires and greatly reduce your cars fuel efficiency.     

Our auto repair service shop has one of the few 2 and 4 wheel alignment machines in the greater Kalamazoo area.  Our mechanics routinely perform wheel alignments for our customers and other local garages.    

After winter’s thaw, spring time brings with it new growth of nature, road construction and pot holes.  If your wheel strikes a pothole you can damage the tire, dent the wheel and alter the wheel’s alignment.

Wheel Alignment Terminology

  • Toe
  • Camber
  • Caster

It isn’t hard to identify a car, truck or SUV with poor wheel alignment; the tires may be bald along the inside or outside edge and the vehicle may shift left or right during braking and acceleration.  The steering may seem erratic and difficult to control, especially when the roads are wet or snow covered.   You vehicle may even appear to be driving on an angle, “dog-legging” down the road. 

Any of these indicators will lead to excessive tire wear and inferior vehicle control and gas mileage.  Let our Kalamazoo auto service mechanics, at Shoemaker’s Garage; inspect your vehicles wheel alignment today.