Your transmission is one of the most expensive parts of your car to repair. It is important for you to know how to identify minor transmission problems with your car, truck or SUV before you experience costly repairs or vehicle breakdown.  Our auto repair services include routine transmission service through scheduled maintenance and transmission removal and replacement. 

Transmission Damage

Overheating of your transmission fluid causes it to oxidize, leaving deposits inside the transmission. At high temperatures the gaskets and seals inside the transmission will harden faster making a leak more likely.

Transmission Maintenance

  • Have our mechanics check your transmission fluid level regularly.
  • Shoemaker’s Garage will replace your transmission fluid as recommended by your vehicles manufacturer.
  • Drive your car at lower RPM’s to reduce the risk of overheating your transmission.

Shoemaker’s Garage will inspect your transmission fluid levels, color, and odor during a scheduled maintenance appointment.  Let us help you avoid those costly auto repairs, call us today at (269) 345-1071.