Your import or domestic car is likely the second largest investment you will make! Protect that investment with regularly scheduled maintenance services from your auto repair service mechanics at Shoemaker’s Garage.  Routinely scheduled maintenance of your car or truck will help keep your vehicle safe for you and your passengers.  Scheduled maintenance will prevent unplanned repair cost or unexpected loss of use.

Scheduled Maintenance Services

Oil Change

A regularly scheduled oil change minimizes vehicle repairs and keeps you on the road.  When Shoemaker’s Garage does an oil change we inspect the rest of your car or truck at the same time.  We will let you know if any other repairs or services are needed because we want our customers to have safe and reliable vehicles. 

Bulbs, Belts & Hoses

Properly functioning bulbs are essential to your safety so other drivers know where you are or if you have stopped.   Belts and hoses are inspected for cracks, separations or stretch marks.  Leaking engine coolant and squealing or squeaking belts are an indication it is time for service.  No one wants to be stuck by the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.  When in doubt, bring your car into our convenient Kalamazoo area location for an inspection.

Spark Plugs

In a gasoline engine the importance of good spark plugs cannot be denied. The electrical arc between the electrode and the ground strap is like a miniature bolt of lightning that ignites the air fuel mixture and in turn generates the power that drives the wheels.  If the spark plug doesn't fire, the engine doesn't start.  With today’s vehicles, changing the spark plugs can be a challenge with computers or vacuum lines in your way.  Don’t lose a day off under your car’s hood, let one of our certified mechanics care for your vehicle.

Shoemaker’s Garage is a full auto repair service shop that can handle all of your scheduled maintenance or diagnostic automotive needs.  To schedule your next service appointment, contact us or call (269) 345-1071