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Don’t be stranded by a dead battery! Come to our convenient auto repair service location in Kalamazoo and let us inspect your automobile’s battery. We will make certain your battery is properly recharging and providing enough cranking amps to start your engine, especially in colder weather.  Electrical drains and corrosion at the battery terminals can prevent a car from starting by adding electrical resistance. The white powder sometimes found around the batteryterminals is usually lead sulfate which is toxic by inhalation, ingestion and skin contact.  If your battery requires replacement, let our mechanics replace and recycle your old battery and help keep toxic materials out of our local land fill.

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Brake Service

Your brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle.  Let our brake service technicians monitor your brakes condition during a regularly scheduled maintenance or oil change appointment.  Our mechanics service any type of braking system from current ABS brake components to disc or drum brakes found on older vehicles.  To learn more about this auto repair service click on Brake Service.

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Clutches & Drivelines

Your clutch is a fundamental part of your car.  If you are experiencing difficulty shifting gears, grinding, rattling, and lost acceleration your car or truck will likely require clutch repair service.  Our clutch specialists can repair or replace your clutch.

Are you hearing whining, squealing or grinding sounds while driving your car or truck?  Do you feel a clunking sound during acceleration and deceleration?   Drivelines or drive shaft noises are often caused by U-joint or slip joint wear.  These problems are not only irritating to listen to but if ignored can cause additional mechanical damage requiring expensive repairs. 

Don’t delay a necessary clutch or driveline service or repair, call our shop today at (269) 345-1071.

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Computer Systems Service & Repairs

With today’s auto computer systems, for many, working on your car at home has become a thing of the past.  Cars, trucks and SUVs are now heavily integrated with computer components that monitor vehicle service and repair needs.  Whether you are experiencing problems with computerized oxygen sensors, or tire pressure monitors, our mechanic diagnosticians are highly trained and equipped to handle all of your computer systems service and repair requirements.

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Electronic Engine Tune-ups

Are you driving an older car or truck?  Stop by our Kalamazoo shop and let us replace your vehicles spark plugs, ignition wires, PCV valves, distributor caps, ignition rotors, and more.  Newer cars and trucks still require tune-ups and replacement of spark plugs, fuel filters, and air filters too so contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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Emission Systems

Your cars exhaust system is designed to clean up emissions that are harmful to our beautiful Michigan environment.  Burnt fuel produces gases that pollute the air such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. The exhaust systems catalytic converter cleans up the exhaust gases reducing the hazardous gas compounds.
A clogged emission system component can cause reduced engine performance and fuel economy along with increased exhaust noise.  If you find that your automobile seems sluggish and produces fewer miles per gallon, contact Shoemaker’s Garage and let one of our experienced emission system mechanics inspect your car, truck or SUV.  It could save you money at the pump.

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Engine Diagnostics & Repairs

Today’s cars all have several computers that monitor different functions of your vehicle.  The typical systems on most cars and trucks include: engine, transmission, airbag, ABS, and body.  A systems fault code identifies a problem with your car and can alert you with a warning light illuminated on your dash.  Our engine diagnostic technicians are experienced with repairing the myriad of issues that can plague your domestic and import vehicle.  Our mechanics engine diagnostics will properly identify the fault codes and determine the cause of the problem saving you time and frustration or the expense of future roadside towing service.

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Exhaust & Muffler Systems

Many people tend to disregard their car or truck’s exhaust and muffler system.  The exhaust discharges the waste products of the combustion process and if it is not working properly it can affect the performance of your car, truck of SUV.   A clogged exhaust system can trap waste and potentially choke off the engine causing it to breakdown.  Another purpose of the exhaust system is to muffle or reduce the noise created by your vehicles engine.  We have all heard how loud a car can be when it has lost its muffler.  Shoemaker’s Garage uses high-quality mufflers, pipes, and other exhaust system components.  We will ensure that your vehicle meets stringent EPA and CARB requirements for pollution reduction.

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Heating & Air Conditioning

In Michigan we experience the extremes of hot and cold while traveling around Kalamazoo or across the country.   We want our autos heating and air conditioning system to work correctly and keep us comfortable. 

Heating & Air Conditioning Warning Signs:

  • Fan blower is loud, cycles on and off or not working
  • Air conditioning (A/C) is loud or causes your car’s engine to overheat or stall
  • Dash controls not working or are stuck in one mode
  • An odor or moisture comes out of the interior vents

If your car, truck or SUV’s air conditioning is no longer cooling your car, or your heater seems stuck in the on position then contact us to schedule your heating and air conditioning repair.  We will help keep you comfortable while out on the road.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Your import or domestic car is likely the second largest investment you make! Protect that investment with regularly scheduled maintenance services from your auto repair service mechanics at Shoemaker’s Garage.  Routinely scheduled maintenance of your car or truck will help keep your vehicle safe for you and your passengers.  Scheduled maintenance will prevent unplanned repair cost or unexpected loss of use.

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Scope Checks

A Scope Check or engine analyzer will indicate what adjustments or repairs are required during a tune-up to get your engine running smoothly again.  Your vehicle's manufacturer recommends when spark plugs should be serviced.  Scope checks are also utilized if your car, truck or SUV is experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” dash warning light is illuminated
  • Your engine is running rough
  • Your fuel mileage has dropped
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Shock Absorbers & Struts

It is time for new shocks absorbers and struts if your import or domestic car’s current shocks absorbers and struts are leaking, damaged or just worn out.  There is no exact mileage for shock or strut replacement, but here are some common indicators to be aware of:

  • Excessive bouncing on rough roads or after hitting a bump
  • The nose of your car or truck dips down when braking
  • Your SUV sways when cornering
  • Your automobile easily bottoms out

Weak shock absorbers and struts reduce your ability to control your car safely. 
If your car or trucks struts need replacing, the amount of disassembly generally requires wheel alignment service; our auto repair service specialty. 

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Starters & Alternators

Did you try to start your truck only to hear a clicking or grinding sound?  Your starter is an electrical motor that rotates your engine to get it turning for running.  When you have a starter problem, you may turn the key and nothing will happen.  Your car’s alternator provides electrical power to your automobile when the engine is running. It also recharges the battery power that had been used to start the engine.  If your alternator is not working, your battery use for lights, stereo and GPS will also drain your battery leaving you stranded.  Our starter and alternator certified mechanics can repair your vehicle and get you back on the road. 

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Tires & Rotation

Are you driving around Kalamazoo on a set of bald tires?  Do you hate driving in the snow because your car or truck tires have no tread for traction?  Tire maintenance is important to auto safety and is often overlooked.  Tires keep you and your car or truck safely on the road and out of the ditches when the roads are wet or icy. Whether you need new tires, or tire service, you can rely on the tire service experts at Shoemaker’s Garage.

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Towing Service | 269.345.1071

Do you need towing service in Kalamazoo for a car or truck that just won’t start?  Were you driving around town and your SUV died at a stop light or out on the highway?  Don’t abandon your investment, let Shoemaker’s Garage towing service and auto repair shop help get you back on the road.   Emergency towing service for the greater Kalamazoo area at ( 269) 345-1071

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Transmission Service

Your transmission is one of the most expensive parts of your car to repair. It is important for you to know how to identify minor transmission problems with your car, truck or SUV before you experience costly repairs or transmission breakdown.  Our auto repair services include routine transmission service through scheduled maintenance and transmission removal and replacement.  To learn more about this auto repair service click on Transmission Service.

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Wheel Alignment

What is the condition of your car or trucks wheel alignment?  Is your vehicle easy to control with good feel of the road, or is driving your SUV similar to steering a tractor?  Let our wheel alignment service mechanics inspect your vehicles wheel alignment.  Misaligned wheels will quickly wear out your tires and greatly reduce your cars fuel efficiency.  To learn more about this auto repair service click on Wheel Alignment.

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