Are you driving around Kalamazoo on a set of bald tires?  Do you hate driving in the snow because your car or truck tires have no tread for traction?  Tire maintenance is important to auto safety and is often overlooked.  Tires keep you and your car or truck safely on the road and out of the ditches when the roads are wet or icy. Whether you need new tires, or tire repair, you can rely on the tire service experts at Shoemaker’s Garage

With the cost of everything increasing, your tires are not immune to price jumps. Tire rotation, and tire service, on a regular basis can result in significantly extend tread life and savings over the long haul. By rotating your tires on a regular basis you are not only making your car safer to drive but also prolonging the life of your tires. You should rotate your tires about every 6,000 miles unless you have a four-wheel drive vehicle, in that case you should do it about every 4,000 miles.  Let us rotate your tires during a scheduled maintenance or oil change appointment.

Our tires are available in stock or by special order.  Tires can be a major maintenance expense for your car, truck or SUV, but necessary for your safety.  Serious damage can occur from a blown tire while driving not to mention the inconvenience of changing a tire on the side of the road or during rotten weather we sometimes experience here in Southwest Michigan.  Our auto service center offers competitive pricing on all tire brands.

Your vehicles tires should be checked for proper inflation as an improperly inflated tire is the leading cause of tire failure.  Under inflated tires will show heavier tread wear along the outside edges of the tires and can reduce fuel economy.  An overinflated tire shows the opposite wear pattern where the center of the tires tread appears the most worn down.  Either inflation issue left unchecked can lead to expensive tire replacement.

Our tire service mechanics also check for uneven tread wear which can result from poor wheel alignment.  Car or truck wheels out of alignment can lead to excessive and uneven tire wear, poor vehicle handling and lower fuel economy.  During your scheduled maintenance with Shoemaker’s Garage we inspect your vehicles tires for unusual wear patterns and proper tire inflation.  As our customer we want to keep you safely on the roads.